Warehouse Registration


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According to warehouse development & regulatory authority (WDRA) act, 2007 further amended in 2017, specifies the rule and regulations that are mandatory for anyone who is carrying on warehousing business in India or planning to issue Negotiable warehouse receipts (NWR) must apply for warehouse license beforehand. Online registration procedure to get warehouse license has been put in place since November 01, 2017 and now every warehouse registration applicant has to submit online.


  1. Filling of application form for warehouse registration
  • In accordance with WDRA act, 2007, any person desirous of getting warehouse registration must fill in the application form in accordance with the rule & guidelines mentioned.
  • Application can be submitted for one or more warehouse(s) owned by an individual or having effective control over it.
  • Primarily an application can be submitted electronically or the method as specified by the authority.
  • An application can be treated as complete only when it fulfills the mentioned criteria.
  • Application submitted in the manner as specified in sub-rule (1) of WDRA act, 2007
  • Contains all the documents as specified under WDRA act, 2007
  • Accompanied with the fees as specified under WDRA act, 2007
  1. Prescribed fees for warehouse registration: As specified under third schedule of WDRA act, 2007; prescribed fees must be paid to the authority within the stipulated time to complete your Warehouse license process.
  2. Acknowledgment receipt of warehouse registration: After warehouse registration application form received by the WDRA authority, documents verified and checked; authority must send an acknowledgment to the applicant within three (3) working days of receipt of application.


  1. Photograph (Passport size) of Authorized Representative.
  2. Applicant’s identity proof according to the Warehouse Registration Rules, 2017.
  3. Address proof of Authorized Representative.
  4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  5. Documents supporting the net-worth of the applicant.
  6. Insurance policy copy.
  7. Data Sheet (in case of cold storage).
  8. Technical standards proof of the warehouse site.
  9. List of equipment for preservation of goods
  10. List of equipment for weighing goods at the warehouse.
  11. Fire Safety arrangements at the warehouse.
  12. Copy of the Records of registered property title deed in respect land (in case property is owned)
  13. Document to demonstrate effective control over the Warehouse
  • Lease or rent agreement.
  • Sub-lease agreement & lease deed indicating that sub leasing is permitted.
  • Revenue sharing agreement (if applicable)
  • NOC from Municipal Corporation (any local authority as applicable)
  • Allotment letter copy from State Government.