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MCA Introduces New Company Incorporation E-Form Spice+

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To improve the ease of doing business in India, Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) has recently come out with a new and updated version of SPICe form viz. SPICe+ (SPICe plus form). This new MCA form will help the new companies by making the complete process of company registration easy & convenient for them.

SPICe+ will be applicable from 15th February 2020.

How Spice+ Is Different From The Older Version?

SPICe+ offers a bucket of 10 services with an integration of 3 central government ministries & departments viz. Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA), Ministry of Labour & Ministry of finance and Government of Maharashtra. It helps in limiting the procedural constraints for company registration in India and ultimately saving onto time & cost involved in new company registration. SPICe plus form also helps in ease of doing business in India

Features of SPICe+

1.    Integrated web form.

2.     SPICe+ form is divided in two parts viz. Part-A & Part-B.

3.     Part-A: Reservation of Name (for new companies)

4.     Part-B: offering multiple Services such as:-

  • Company incorporation
  • Director identification number (DIN)
  • Tax deduction/collection account number (TAN)
  • Permanent account number (PAN)
  • Employee provident fund organization (EPFO) Registration
  • Employee state insurance corporation (ESIC) Registration
  • Professional tax registration (Maharashtra)
  • Compulsory opening of the company’s bank account
  • GST Identification Number (GSTIN)

5.  Users have the complete liberty of filling Part-A first, reserve the name for their company and complete Part-B afterward OR user can file Part-A & B together at one go for new company registration.

6. Under SPICe+, a new User-friendly dashboard is created for the convenience of the users.

7.  A new Reserve unique name (RUN) service option will be applicable from 15th February 2020 (Only for existing company)

8. On-screen filing and real-time data for new company registration

9. Information entered is saved and can be modified in the future (in case of error).

10. Once SPICe+ the form is filled online, it has to be converted into PDF for affixing Digital signature certificate (DSC).

11. Digitally the signed application must be uploaded back on the portal, with the linked forms.

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Q      What is SPICe+ or SPICe plus?

Ans. SPICe+ (Simplified proforma for incorporating a company electronically) is a comprehensive & integrated web form, which is a new initiative by the MCA, Government of India for ease of doing business in India.

Q      Who can file SPICe+ form?

Ans.  Following types of companies need to fill SPICe plus form before new company registration:

  • Private limited company
  • Public limited company
  • One person company
  • Section (8) companies
  •  Any other company

Q      When one should file SPICe+ form?

Ans. One must file SPICe+ form before company incorporation and it is applicable from 15th February 2020.

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